The Party’s Slogan and flag

Party flag

The open palm of the hand towards the top symbolizes the containment and incubation, and in its original format mutate into a form of a white dove symbolizing the justice of the cause and the symbol of freedom.

And the colored-flame by the Kurdish flag colors as a symbol of commitment to the issue and embrace the spectra of the Kurdish people.



The Party’s slogan


Circle: Circle is a symbolic of the wisdom of Eastern Mythology and Zoroastrian religion as is evident in the pattern of Ahura Mazda in Kurdistan Iran, and symbol of the sun, and containment as well.

Gazelle: Gazelle is an inherited Kurdish symbol in Kurdish heritage as it appears in many ancient inscriptions in the Kurdish region. The movement means the historical movement towards the future.

The other symbol of giving and the is the development and vertical and branching to the top to give the three petals color which are a symbol of the Kurdish flag.

The full meaning of the logo is jumping into the future through the peace bent represented by Gazelle as a pet and also knowledge prosperity of vertical movement of the plant on top.