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A statement from the Kurdish National Council on popular parades in Suwayda and elsewhere

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With the regime deliberately obstructing the negotiating process under the auspices of the United Nations and the horizon blocking the political solution in Syria, and with the absence of any initiative to address the suffocating economic and living crisis after the regime turned its back on the plight and suffering of the Syrians and ignored and disregarded the lives and dignity of people, the people of the Droz-majority Suwayda governorate left again, in demonstrations quickly multiplied their gathering points to more than forty points in the center of the province and its countryside, accompanied by the protests of the people of the neighboring province of Daraa, defying the violence of the regime and bypassing slogans demanding a livelihood in the face of starvation to political and national slogans that demanded the overthrow of the regime, the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 and democracy. The participation and solidarity of the sheikhs of the Droz community added impetus to the demonstrations, who emphasized their peacefulness and their demands for freedom and dignity.

These demonstrations and the slogans raised by the demonstrators came to confirm that what is happening is an expression of the will of the unified Syrian people, with all its components and sects, in the necessity of bringing about radical change, ending tyranny, implementing International Resolution 2254, and building a pluralistic, democratic Syria for all Syrians.

The Kurdish National Council in Syria, while standing by the general Syrian people in their ordeal, is in solidarity with the people of Suwayda governorate and other regions in their demands for freedom, dignity and a decent human life, and calls on the United Nations, the Arab League and the international community to assume its responsibilities in obliging the regime to obey International resolutions and finding a political solution that rid the Syrians of their pain and tragedies and achieve security and stability in the region.

August 24, 2023
General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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