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Statement of condemnation… Democratic Union Party militants burn the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party

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The Kurdish National Council in Syria said in a statement today, Tuesday, that an armed group affiliated with the Democratic Union Party burned the office of the Kurdish Democratic Party in the city of Qamishlo.

The Kurdish Council confirmed in its statement that the number of offices that were burned since last March reached ten.

The Council stressed that these actions aim to prevent American and European efforts to begin resuming the Kurdish/Kurdish dialogue.

In its statement, the Council condemned the burning of the office, describing it as a terrorist act.

The Kurdish National Council appealed to the international coalition forces to condemn these terrorist acts and work to stop them. It called on all Kurdistan parties to take a clear position on these actions against the Kurdish National Council in Syria, condemn them, and work to stop them.

The Kurdish National Council concluded its statement by saying: The Kurdish National Council in Syria assures the masses of our people and its political forces of its commitment to the political principles and goals on which it was founded, and its commitment to working on the unity of the Kurdish position to serve our people and unify all national efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with international resolutions to resolve the situation.

Qamishlo, May 14, 2024
General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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