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Afrin… An old Kurdish woman was suffocated to death

Yekiti Media

The children of the elderly Fatima Kanna, 80 years old, on 18 April  after returning from the field, found their dead mother in their house in the village of Hekeche, in the Shieh/Sheikh Al-Hadid Town.

According to the victim’s children, they found suffocation signs, beating, and wounds on the her body while washing her, confirming that she was killed by thieves who she met while returning from her daughter’s house in the village according to Afrin media center.

After the burial of the victim and the news of her murder broke wide, the Samarqand militiamen kidnapped the victim’s son Hannan Muhammad, his wife, his son Fawzi and some of their relatives who witnessed the murder and took them to Turkey.

Observers accuse members of the Samarkand faction of killing the elderly with the intention of stealing.

It is noteworthy that the factions affiliated with Ankara continue to commit crimes and violations since the Turkish army participated in the invasion of Afrin, during the month of March 2018.


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