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Kurdish National Council delegation at the White House:

Yekiti Media

Head of the Kurdish National Council Ibrahim Biro said, they will visit the White House tomorrow at 2 pm, and will meet with US National Security Bureau and will discuss with the officials there the return of Peshmerga-Roj to Kurdistan of Syria. The Kurdish Council delegation, which was consisted of Ibrahim Biro, Head of the council, Kamiran Haco head of Foreign Relations Office, and Siyamand Haco member of Foreign Relations Office, Had met Mr. Brett Macgork, special presidential envoy to fight ISIS oraganization in the US State Department Building. Mr. Brett Macgork stressed the importance of the Council delegation’s visit and promised to do all he could to bring the views and work to return the Peshmerga-Roj as an important force is required to fight terrorism.

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