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A new campaign of arrests targeting the Kurdish youth in Terpespi and Chil-Agha towns

Yekiti Media

Asayish Democratic Union Party (PYD) continues to drive young people to arrest and bring them to camps of conscription in Terpespi and Chil-Agha towns, as apart of a new campaign, that began on Saturday and is still going on.
According to Yekiti Media reporter in Terpespi, PYD militants have raided “Kulilik” internetcafe and arrested a several of Kurdish youth, who were in the cafe on Monday 10/10/2016.
According to our correspondent in Chil-Agha town, an armed patrols affiliated PYD raided the town’s market, and arrested a number of the youth with great scrutiny on checkpoints of the town by Militants.
our correspondent said that: the Conscription center in the town distributed reports to citizens, asking them to review their center within one week of 11/10/2016.

It is worth mentioning that the Conscription, which is announced by Democratic Union Party Management faces a major rejection popularly and politically.
And that led to the displacement of tens of thousands of young Kurds to European countries, Kurdistan of Iraq and Turkey.

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