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A Communique Issued By The extended Meeting Of Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

On March 9, 2021, the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria issued a statement marking the end of the party’s expanded meeting, the meeting contains members of The Central Committee and advisory and representative of the party in Kurdistan region, and in European countries.

Representatives of the party’s organizations in Kurdish cities and towns also participated in the meeting, in addition to the participation of members from Afrin via the Internet.

The meeting began with the party secretary reading the political report, and decisions were taken, namely, forming a committee to write a new bylaw and prepare party cadres, and thanks were given to the employees of Yekiti newspaper and the Yekiti Media website.

The statement said: Syria has become an open arena for international interventions, and Syria has become practically divided between several countries:

1- Regime areas are under the control of Russia and Iran and their militias.

2- The areas west of the Euphrates are under the control of Turkey and the factions loyal to it.

3- The areas east of the Euphrates under the control of America, Turkey, and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

So far, the United Nations has failed to find a solution to the suffering of the Syrians, due to the regime’s stalling of the political solution, with the support and assistance of Russia and Iran, and this was evident in the five sessions of the Committee Constitutional without any significant progress.

The meeting appealed to the international community to expedite finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis in accordance with international resolutions on resolving the Syrian crisis, especially Resolution 2254, to end the suffering of the Syrians.

The meeting denounced the violations committed in the cities of Afrin, Sri Kanye and Gery Spi by the armed factions loyal to Turkey and appealed to the international community to remove the militants from the city and hand over the administration to the original inhabitants of the city.

The meeting affirmed that only a political solution through the United Nations can end the occupations occurring in all Syrian regions.

The meeting also stressed the importance of the Kurdish National Council, its preservation, the need to assess its political performance, and the need for the council to work in the Syrian opposition coalition, the negotiation committee and the constitutional committee, and the meeting condemned the attempts of the Syrian regime and opposition figures to disavow the confirmation of the Kurdish people’s rights in the constitution.

The meeting stressed the need to activate the Peace and Freedom Front, which consists of the Kurdish National Council, the Assyrian Democratic Organization, the “ Arab Council of the Euphrates and Al-Jazeera”,  and Syria’s Al-Ghad movement.

The meeting touched on negotiations between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties and emphasized that Kurdish unity is a strategic demand of the party, and the party appreciates what has been reached about the political reference political vision and indicated that there are attempts by the Democratic Union Party to thwart the negotiations by kidnapping minors to recruit them into the Syrian Democratic forces. The harassment of the families of the Roj Peshmerga, the burning of the offices of the Council and its parties, the arrest of activists and teachers, and the release of traitorous statements by the head of the delegation of the National Unity Parties against the National Council and the Peshmerga forces.

The meeting called on the American side and the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, to put an end to these violations.

The expanded meeting also condemned the interference of the PKK in the affairs of the Kurdish people in Syria and gave excuses and arguments to Turkey to invade the rest of the areas of Syrian Kurdistan, and we called on them to withdraw from our areas and return to their arena in Turkish Kurdistan.

In the field of Kurdish relations, the meeting praised the distinguished relationship with the allied Kurdistan Democratic Party and appreciated the prominent role of President Masoud Barzani in supporting the cause of our Kurdish people in Kurdistan Syria and working to develop its relations with the Kurdish parties on the ground of common national interests.

The meeting discussed the difficult economic conditions in the Kurdish regions, due to a small group controlling the region’s wealth, and many people now live under the poverty line, and the meeting called on the international community to provide aid.

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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