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A Communique Issued By the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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A masked group, at dawn on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, attacked the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria in the town of Girke Lage, by burning the flag of Kurdistan and the party’s emblem on its pole and throwing it with fire blocks, which also created a state of panic among the neighbors’ children and their children at that late hour the night.

The Kurdish National Council, while condemning this disgraceful act, which was repeated repeatedly against this office and other offices of the Council, its parties and its components at the hands of an armed group in military uniforms affiliated with the PYD and its arms under various names, demands once again to stop these blatant intimidating practices and violations against people, society and the right of the Council The Kurdish patriot, which seeks behind it to create more tension and push people to despair and emigrate, and what harms the Kurds and their national and patriotic struggle.

4/ 7/ 2023 AD

General Secretariat
Kurdish National Council in Syria

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