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A Communique Issued By The Meeting Of Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria Central Committee

Yekiti Media

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria held its regular meeting in early December and discussed the current political situation and organizational conditions in the party’s organizations.

The Yekiti party statement discussed “the suffering of our people as a result of the economic crisis our regions are going through, due to the deterioration of the value of the Syrian pound against the dollar, and the need to appeal to international organizations to provide humanitarian aid to our regions and distribute it directly to the citizens, without any mediator.”

The statement touched on the ongoing dialogues between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties, and called on them to expedite the implementation of the agreements required of them, instead of charging accusations and trying to thwart the negotiations by kidnapping minors and harassing and threatening the families of “Peshmerga Roj” .


The Yekiti Party affirmed that the presence of the National Council in the opposition coalition does not mean its silence about the violations committed in the Kurdish regions, and the need to invest the presence of the Kurdish National Council in the opposition coalition to serve our people there, and to urge them to cling to their land, and to exert the necessary pressure for the return of the displaced to their homes.

Concerning the visit of the Council’s representative in the opposition coalition to Afrin, the party’s statement confirmed that it was welcomed by a wide range of people in the region who emphasized the need to intensify these visits and meet with the intellectuals and elites in Afrin and other areas that suffer from harassment, violations and difficult living conditions, and listen to their suffering directly, and work with the coalition to reduce these violations and abuses against our people.

With regard to the establishment of the Freedom and Peace Front, the statement of Yekiti said that its founding met with public welcome and international and regional attention, as large circles of Syrians now hold hopes on them, and stress the need to expand it to include all the Syrian components, so it is necessary to expedite the completion of its organizational offices and field work.

The fourth round of the Constitutional Committee’s work was the focus of discussion at the Yekiti meeting. The statement said: The Central Committee expressed its resentment at the procrastination of the system for negotiations, in order not to engage in discussion of constitutional principles and evade the implementation of a constitution that guarantees the rights of all the Syrian components, and to achieve political transition in accordance with special international decisions by resolving the Syrian crisis, especially Resolution 2254.

Central Committee stressed that the international community must pressure the regime and impose a political solution, because the Syrian people can no longer tolerate more than they have endured.

They stressed the importance of implementing the Shingal Agreement between the government of Baghdad and the Kurdistan government, removing all armed factions and militias from them, and the return of the displaced Yazidis and others to their homes, after establishing security and stability in Shengal.

The meeting condemned the attacks of the PKK on the Kurdistan Peshmerga, and the value of the policy of restraint by the Kurdistan government.

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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