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A statement from the Kurdish National Council about the content of the meeting with the Coalition

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A virtual meeting was held on Friday, December 29, 2023, between the presidential body of the National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, represented by the head of the coalition, Hadi Al-Bahra, and the membership of his two deputies, Dr. Abdel Hakim Bachar and Abdul Majeed Barakat, and the presidential body of the Kurdish National Council, represented by its president, Ne ’mat. Dawoud and members of the committee: Suleiman Oso, Muhammad Ismail, Fasla Yussef, Faisal Yussef.

The meeting addressed the following topics:

– Ways to stop the violations committed against citizens in Afrin and Sari kaniye, activate the violations investigation committee, and return refugees with guarantees and safety.
– Strengthening the role of the Kurdish National Council in the Coalition
– Exchanging views on the general political situation in the country.

It was agreed on the importance and necessity of activating the committee to investigate violations and the return of refugees in Afrin and Sari kaniye, holding the perpetrators accountable and bringing them to justice, and organizing periodic meetings between the two sides to exchange opinions, activate the Council’s role in the coalition, and address the necessary matters to improve the joint workflow between the components of the coalition, Both parties announced their support for the peaceful movement in Suwayda Governorate, who have been demonstrating for several months in Karama Square, demanding the fulfillment of the aspirations of the Syrian people, for justice, dignity, freedom and democracy.

The official spokesman for the Kurdish National Council

Faisal Youssef

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