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Clarification from the Jenderes Local Council of the Kurdish National Council

Yekiti Media

In view of the misunderstanding that was made regarding the speech of the representative of the Kurdish National Council in Jenderes town during the vigil in front of the house of the families of the martyrs of the torch of Newroz, which led to a kind of confusion among some who were not aware of the situation of the course of affairs or an opportunity for other parties to interpret it in a way that serves their agendas and harms the position of our Kurdish National Council, therefore, requires the following clarification:

We in the local council of Jenderes town consider ourselves as persons and bodies that are part of the masses of our Kurdish people and in the service of their cause, their legitimate aspirations, and their suffering, and we do everything we can to embody that and make it a success.

What our representative intended was to draw attention to the attempts of some to exploit the momentum of this stand and the feelings of the angry masses gathered to push them towards adopting slogans or taking positions that do not serve their issues, and these attempts are no secret to any follower.

Glory and eternity to the martyrs of the flame of Newroz
Our heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs
Get well soon to the wounded

A tribute to the proud masses of our people for their solidarity stance
Shame and disgrace to murderers and criminals

Genders on 24/03/2023
The local council of Jenderes town of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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