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A proper conduct document as a condition of selling vegetables in Qamishlo

Yekiti Media – Qamishlo

The self-administration, which is proclaimed by PYD demanded Owners of vegetables wagons in Qamshlo market, a good conduct paper to the Asayish as a condition to work.

According to what Kadar Khudur (one of the vegetables salers) said to our correspondent, the paper must be certified by the quarter Committee -the Committee following PYD too – (komîn),

which the greengrocer lives in, then re-ratification of the Asayish, and he pointed out that: non-ratification of the paper by the Asayish means not to allow the greengrocer to work in the vegetable market, and will serve as the expelled as described. He said that all of who see committee must pay money to Committee Fund, and the amount of money is not undefined ( the Committee said pay as you like ).

Khudur declined to submit a paper of good conduct, describing “this is illegal and irrational, and did not get in any country,” and wondered, saying: “Is it reasonable for the sale of 50 kg of tomatoes to secure food of your children, you have to provide a good conduct paper?”

And he added that for the moment PYD Asayish have not ratified provided papers, knowing that the greatest percentage of them have provided them papers, for fear of expulsion, because the sale of vegetables is a living only for them, particularly in light of the difficult living conditions experienced by the region.

It is worth mentioning that: PYD Asayish tried to transfer the vegetables market from the city center and to the road of Nusaybin border crossing,in early 2016,but the insistence of Salers case without the moved.

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