Democratic Union Party, PYD kidnaps two minor girls in Sri Kanye City:

Yekiti Media – Sri Kanye Two minor girls kidnapped by a group belonging to PYD in Sri Kanye City, and transferred to one of PYD women protect units, YPJ camps. Omar Wali uncle of the minor Hinderin (Hinderin is a daughter of Mahmoud Wali, a member of the Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council and a member of the revolutionary youth movement, who was killed, when he was shot in front of the local council at the city on 20 September 2012 by unknown gunmen) told Yekiti Media that: His niece Hendrin old daughter, who is 17 years old and Felek Mohammed Nouri also 17 years old, exited from the house yesterday, Friday, 26-08-2016 at about ten in the morning, and after more than five hours, he had many contacts and with Hinderin’s friends and with her relatives and with Felek’s family, to find out the fate of the two minor girls, but no avail, also noted that: he see all the PYD security institutions, but their denial was a case without knowing anything. Omar added that: he see PYD women protection units center as the last PYD centers, to know the fate of minor girls, After a long argument with the guards managed to talk with one of the officials in the center, who confirmed to Omar that: the two minor girls were in the center and transferred to one of the training camps. Omar also expressed his indignation and displeasure when he was expelled from the center by the responsible YPJ, saying: “Get out of the center, and let’s work because you do not have any business here.” It is worth mentioning that the Democratic Union Party, kidnapped dozens of minors of Kurdish people’s sons as Hemerin Idi and Chemin Ahmed and others, and incarcerate them in military units.

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