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The National Council rejects the language of incitement and fueling conflicts and calls for work on the foundations of coexistence

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In light of the multiplicity of power centers, the multiplicity of factions and armed parties, and their ongoing conflicts, an internal conflict has developed between the partners of the International Coalition forces, the SDF forces, and its military council in Deir Ez-Zour since Sunday, August 27. As a result, tension prevailed in a number of areas, and chauvinist parties affiliated with the regime and other tribal groups took advantage of the emerging situation and called for incitement with the aim of stirring up strife and antagonizing the Kurds in general and holding them responsible for the actions of SDF leaders there, in an attempt to fuel an Arab-Kurdish conflict.

What the Syrian people have succeeded in since launching their revolution against tyranny is building bridges of communication and cohesion between the Syrian components in their hopes and pains. These bridges that the regime has worked to demolish for decades, and the Kurdish people in Syria have been and are still the first to strengthen them and consolidate the bonds of brotherhood and love. Among everyone, and they did not bear the burden of the injustice they suffered and the regime’s oppression of them against any component of the Syrian people.
The Kurdish National Council in Syria, while rejecting the language of incitement and threats from any party and condemning any speech that stirs up hatred and strife among the Syrian people with all its components and sects, and while it has always called for preserving the identity and privacy of each region and the right of its people to manage its affairs, it It calls for adopting the logic of wisdom, reason, and loyalty to the sacrifices of Syrians to preserve their unity and cohesion, and not blaming any group on the component to which it belongs, and blocking the way for attempts to incite internal conflicts in Syrian society. It calls on everyone to work to consolidate the foundations of shared fraternal coexistence among the various Syrian components as a basis for building a pluralistic Syria. A democracy whose constitution recognizes the rights of all, in which they live in peace and harmony.

Qamishlo 8/29/2023
General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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