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A statement issued by the meeting of the Kurdish National Council in Syria

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The Kurdish National Council in Syria, on Sunday 10/09/2023, and after standing a minute of silence in honor of the souls of the martyrs of freedom and the martyrs of Kurdistan, and the immortal spirit of Barzani, its work schedule was confirmed in the political and organizational fields.

In the political field, the political developments on the international and national arena were reviewed, and the meeting focused on the attempts of the regime and its allies to divert attention from the real disaster that the Syrian people are suffering at all levels. The meeting followed the renewed popular protests against the regime in Suwayda and other Syrian cities with their national and democratic slogans, and fears. One of its tricks is to incite strife within Syrian society in an effort to reduce the Syrian issue to issues of demands and internal conflicts, taking advantage of the silence of the international community and its declining interest in the Syrian crisis, which has increased his stubbornness in making any concession to conduct the political process.

Therefore, the Council called on the relevant countries to pay attention to the tragedy of the Syrian people and their basic issue of building a federal, democratic state for all Syrians, and to activate the political process to implement UN Resolution 2254, the best way out of the Syrian catastrophe and achieve the desired political solution.

Regarding the events that took place recently in Deir Ez-Zour, the meeting confirmed that the SDF does not represent the Kurdish component, nor do the members of some Arab tribes represent the Arab component. The meeting condemned the calls for incitement and sedition that appeared to ignite an Arab-Kurdish conflict that had not been witnessed in the history of Syria. In this regard, it also condemned the violations against any component from any party, and all attempts at demographic change in any part of the Syrian geography. He called on all Syrian components to preserve civil and societal peace and to establish a culture of harmony and coexistence among them as a basic foundation for building a stable democratic state.

The Council affirmed its solidarity with the people of Suwayda and the rest of the regions in their protests and popular movement and with their legitimate demands.

The meeting considered that the decision of the US Treasury Department, issued on August 17, 2023, to classify and impose sanctions on some of the armed factions in Afrin and some of their leaders is a step in the right direction to deter the ongoing violations there, and called on the international community to assume its responsibilities in stopping these violations and the ongoing attempts at demographic change, and its tools, and removing armed factions from populated areas, and facilitating the safe return of the displaced to their homes there, and in the rest of the regions such as “Serê Kaniye and Gire Spi”, and handing over their administration to their original residents.

The meeting focused on the suffering of people in the Kurdish areas that are under the control of the PYD administration, the rising prices, the imposition of exorbitant taxes and royalties, and the return of the issue of restricting citizens’ freedom of choice in educating their children, and expressed its denunciation of these policies and practices and the imposition of their will.

The meeting condemned the PYD authorities’ continued arrest of members and supporters of the Kurdish National Council, and demanded their release, and an end to violations and practices that increase anxiety and push people to seek ways to emigrate.
The meeting stressed the importance of the Front for Peace and Freedom and its national role, and called for activating its institutions and developing its performance.

In the organizational field:
The messages received were read and the necessary decisions were taken.
A vote was also taken to approve the renewal of the membership of the Presidency of the Council and its duties, and it was decided to complete the formation of the other offices at its next meeting.
Coinciding with the anniversary of the glorious September Revolution on September 11, the meeting saluted this great revolution led by the immortal Mustafa Barzani, which became a pillar of the great gains achieved for the people of Kurdistan.

The Kurdish National Council in Syria
Qamishlo 12-09-2023

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