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A statement by the Kurdish National Council

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In continuation of their terrorist acts, a group of repressive PYD arms, at dawn on Wednesday, March 7, burned the office of the Kurdish National Council in the city of Amouda, including its furniture and supplies. Two days earlier, they had burned the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Syria there, and also attacked those invited to commemorate the immortal Barzani passed away on March 1 in both Kobani and Derbasiye. These attacks increase in the month of March, as Kurdish nationalist events are celebrated in a desperate attempt to thwart the nationalist sentiment among those celebrating these occasions, and to instill fear and anxiety in them.

The Kurdish National Council condemns in the strongest terms these crimes that contradict the most basic humanitarian standards, human rights, and freedom of opinion and expression, and aims to extinguish the flame of nationalist struggle among the Kurdish people and push them to migrate and expatriate.

The Council also calls on the international coalition, led by America, to take what is necessary to put pressure on PYD to stop these terrorist acts that reveal the falsity of its misleading claims and confirm its failure at all levels. It also calls on the societal activities of all components to condemn these actions that do not serve the security and stability of the people and the region and will not deter the Council from its struggle to achieve the goals for which it is fighting.

General Secretariat
For the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

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