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A statement by the Kurdish National Council

Yekiti Media

In a dangerous escalation and in a blatant challenge to the nationalist sentiments of the Kurdish people as they await the arrival of Newroz, PYD militants, using heavy machinery, transported hundreds of meters of dust and waste to the Newroz celebration square in the village of Dirajik, adjacent to the city of Tirbaspiye.

The Kurdish National Council and the people of the region take it as a place in nature to commemorate this glorious day, in an attempt to prevent and sabotage the celebration of the Kurdish National Day by methods far from human values.

The Kurdish National Council, while condemning this shameful act of targeting Newroz and its celebrants, calls on the coalition forces and America, which has influence in the region, to intervene to stop these acts of terror against the Kurdish people.

It also calls on democratic forces, human rights organizations and community activities to condemn and reject any attack on national feelings and the glorious Newroz, the national holiday of the Kurdish people, and stresses that such methods will not discourage the Kurdish National Council and our people from defending their cause and national sanctities.


General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

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