Attempted assassination of the son of a leader in the Kurdistan Yekiti Party by PYD militants

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The son of a leader in the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria was subjected to an assassination attempt by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Asayish (Police), and then his house was raided and he was kidnapped to an unknown destination.

Marwan Îdê, a member of the political committee of the Yekiti Party, published that his son Hemîd Îdê was shot at from behind, in broad daylight and in the Masaken neighborhood, by PYD gunmen who were riding in a black Hyundai (Santa Fe) while he was driving his car. He added that the same party raided his father’s house, where his son was, and kidnapped him with his car, and took him to an unknown destination, under the pretext of protecting him, noting that he did not file any complaint because he found no use.

Îdê indicated that the party that shot his son was still have fun in Amuda without any accountability.

It is reported that the leader of the Yekiti Party was previously subjected to repeated threats by the PYD militants, and his name was defamed along with Suleiman Oso, the Secretary of Yekiti Party, after the statements they made last April regarding the abuses and violations committed by the PYD administration in its areas of control. .

The following is the text of the post that Marwan Îdê published on his Facebook page:

“Only in the Switzerland of the East, under the abusive administration, who is exposed to an assassination attempt, is he and his car arrested, and the perpetrators are let loose and have fun and manipulate the fate of human beings.

The reason for the post:
My son, Hemîd Îdê, was subjected to an assassination attempt in Amuda on Sunday evening at 12.06.2022 in broad daylight, and because we did not file a complaint because we were convinced that it was useless, because we know the target group, so his car, which was hit by a bullet in the back, was seized by masked men with a black Santa Fe car in the residences in Amuda. My father’s house was raided and later arrested. Under the pretext of protecting him, to be presented to the competent authorities, leaving their tools, which were too much on humans and stones, in order to frightening and intimidating them,,.

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