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Darkness hangs over Hasaka after cutting off diesel from subscription generators

The owners of subscription generators in most neighborhoods of the city of Hasakah began to ration operating hours since Sunday, due to the lack of diesel allocated to them.

The residents of the city of Al-Hasakah suffer from many problems with regard to electricity resulting from subscription generators, including (varying prices per ampere from one generator to another, lack of operating hours, frequent stops of generators under the pretext of malfunctions, and the lack of diesel for generators).

“The municipal generator committee of the PYD administration told us since Sunday that it will reduce the allocations of diesel and we must start rationing, under the pretext of distributing heating diesel,” said J.H., the owner of a generator subscription in al-Hasakah to Yekiti Media.

The source, who preferred not to be named, added, “We entered in December a few days ago and heating diesel has not been distributed in most neighborhoods of al-Hasakah so far.”

He concluded by saying: “Where does the diesel go when we are on a sea of oil?”, noting that “diesel is available in abundance and at an expensive price at sellers.”

For his part, citizen Mahmoud Nasr told our website, “The owner of our subscription generator turns the generator on at 6 pm and turns it off at ten, and we have to spend most of our time in the dark.”

Nasr also added “all this under the pretext of the lack of diesel, and without interference from the concerned authorities.”

Nasr concluded by saying: “In addition to the darkness, we suffer from the cold because the PYD administration has not distributed heating diesel so far, and the price of diesel at sellers is 5000 Syrian liras per liter and is available in large quantities, where does the diesel come from?”

“The PYD administration trades a living and all the requirements of the peoples of the region, sending diesel, crude oil and gas cylinders to areas controlled by the Turkish army and armed factions, and to the Syrian regime, at very high prices,” activist Siban Khalaf said.

Khalaf added, “The PYD administration had argued that it had raised the price of diesel some time ago to improve its quality and provide it further, but what happened was that the fuel material was lost more than before in Hasaka and its quality became worse.”

“So far, heating diesel has not been distributed despite our entry into December, and families with patients or children suffer from real danger in the early morning and night hours without diesel and without electricity,” he said.

“This administration is the cause of all the crises in the region, and deliberately creates it to implement the regime’s plans against the Kurdish people, such as the plan (Muhammad Talab Hilal), and it has succeeded relatively in emptying large areas and changing the demographics of Syrian Kurdistan,” said activist Siban.

The city of Al-Hasakah suffers from a crisis in various fuels, as car owners are forced to stand for hours in long queues at gas stations to obtain gasoline or diesel for their cars, as well as a crisis in domestic gas, not to mention the crisis of living and the high prices of basic materials.


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