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Final Statement of the Founding Meeting of the Syrian Democratic Congress

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The political and civil Parties and Organisations, signatories to this statement, have finished their founding meeting, which was held in Paris under the title of Syrian Democratic Congress, on 25-26, January, 2020, after adopting the political vision and bylaw, and electing an executive body.

The establishment of this alliance comes as the culmination of a course of the consultation between the representatives of these forces, which was launched during a meeting held in Paris on 7-8, July, 2018, answering a call from “Damir Movement” in an initiative from Syrian political and civil forces. The purpose was to crystallize a strong democratic movement whose voice is to be heard, a movement that carries the spirit of change in the face of all kinds of tyranny and in the face of violent, religious or nationalist, extremism, a movement that stands in the face of international interests which do not take into consideration the aspirations of Syrian people.

In the light of the disastrous reality for Syrians, after nine years of violence; after the unchecked criminal acts of the Syrian Regime against all Syrians and the resulting regional and international intervention in the form of direct and proxy military occupation; after the distortion of the objectives of the revolution, the objectives that were in the slogans of the youth in the protests in March, 2011; after the emergence of the a counter-revolution that took an extremist religious form; and after the militarization that stands mostly in contradiction with the values of the revolution, freedom and dignity; in a situation where Syrians are deprived of the ability to take action, and to draw future of their country in accordance with their free will; these forces, whose vision is based on the combination between democracy and secularism as a basis for establishing a modern state, had to form a Syrian Democratic Congress to voice the will of a wide swathe of Syrians and to work on defending their rights in cooperation with all who aspire to achieve a drastic change and move with the country towards freedom and democracy.

The Syrian Democratic Congress is based on the belief that Syria, in its internationally recognized borders, is the ultimate homeland to all Syrians, and this Congress seeks to establish a democratic secular state that has no ethnic or religious nature, a state that is neutral towards all religions and creeds. This state should consider the constitutional recognition of the existence of all ethnicities, and the ethnic rights of all ethnicities that constitute the Syrian people, an essential component of the full and equal citizenship which is inclusive towards diversity, in a state where sovereignty belongs to the people.

As political transition has been so far held hostage to international bargains, it should not keep us from upholding the will of Syrians for a deep change that ends an epoch of despotism. Therefore, the Syrian Democratic Congress asserts the importance of Syrians’ regaining of their independent decision as an indispensable premise for the establishment of the desired state. This premise is the main objective that the forces participating in this Congress seek to achieve. This objective needs the collective effort of all Syrians who aspire to live in freedom and dignity.

Hence, we call for strengthening and extending this alliance to face the challenges of the the upcoming stage and to stand up to the urgent tasks to uphold collective national identity, and face the extremist trends, and end the militarization of society, and the rampant violence.

The Syrian Democratic Congress believes that the political solution in Syria may not be real and permanent unless it is based on the the essence of the conflict, defined as a conflict between the Syrian people and the system of despotism and dictatorship, and based on the main demands and legitimate rights of the Syrian people, in accordance with the following points:

  1. The Geneva Declaration of 2012 and all the international resolutions relevant to the Syrian cause, the most important of which are resolutions 2118 and 2254, which recognized the Syrians’ right to move from a state tyranny to a democratic pluralistic state, are merits that Syrians have wrested through sacrifices, not favors from anyone. Therefore, these resolutions remain the basic compass for any political process, and no one may compromise or waiver them.
  2. The release of all detainees and missing persons and the disclosure of the fate of all missing persons held by the Syrian Regime or any other party, represent a prelude to any political solution and they cannot be subjected to any form of negotiation.

3-Stopping the armed conflict on Syrian land must be among the priorities of any political transition process in addition to the withdrawal of all non-Syrian troops and militias.

4-The principles and procedures to achieve stable transitional justice cannot be ignored to achieve sustainable social peace.

5- Achieving the capacities, requirements, and conditions for a safe and voluntary return for willing refugees and displaced persons to their areas.

6-Enabling all Syrians to exercise their freedom of civil and political action, to prevent all forms of repression and terrorism, and to ensure the freedom of expression, opinion and belief.

7- Supporting women and young people to participate effectively in all aspects of political, civil, and social life .

The allied forces in the Syrian Democratic Congress are aware of the difficulty of the tasks entrusted upon themselves and the responsibility of all the Syrians. They assert that diligent work, perseverance, and determination impelled by a clear vision and a solid political will are its fundamental commitment. They assert also that mobilizing efforts, joint action, and promoting Syrian national ties constitute the only way to overcome the social and national fragmentation and tyranny and extremism, and to achieve a better future for Syrians, a future replete with human values and modernity on all levels.


The Syrian Democratic Congress

Paris 26 / January / 2020

The forces signing the documents of the Syrian Democratic Congress’ founding meeting in Paris 25/01/2020

  1. Syria Declaration for National Democratic Change
  2. Syrian National Democratic Alliance (S.N.D.A)
  3. Syrian National Alliance
  4. Syrian Block
  5. Citizenship Movement
  6. Syrian National Assembly
  7. The Syrian Women Political Movement
  8. Together for Free and Democratic Syria
  9. Liberal Party
  10. Syrian People Democratic Party (Leadership Committee)
  11. Communist Labor Party in Syria
  12. Democratic Action Group
  13. Watan Project
  14. Assyrian Dimocratic Organization
  15. Nawat

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