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Germany to Assess Risks from Deported ISIS Suspects

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Friday security services will assess the risks posed by suspected ISIS group members deported home to Germany by Turkey.

Merkel said that Germany’s joint counter-terrorism center would apply the same procedures to them as with people already in the country “and then determine in each case whether there are security risks.”

Authorities in Berlin confirmed that a 55-year-old man, one of seven people deported Thursday to Germany by Turkey, has been detained on an existing warrant for fraud.

The other six people — four women, a man and a baby — were able to return to their home in Hildesheim, near Hannover.

Turkey accused them of being supporters of the ISIS group.

Ankara began deportations on Monday.

Turkey has over the past weeks criticized European nations for refusing to take back their nationals. It has vowed to send back ISIS militants — even if their citizenships have been revoked.

Turkey has captured several hundred people affiliated with ISIS over the last month as its forces seized a pocket of territory in northeastern Syria.

Turkey launched an offensive into northeastern Syria against the  People’s Protection Units (YPG) last month following a decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw troops from the region. The move prompted widespread concern over the fate of ISIS prisoners in the region.


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