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Press Release.. Peace and Freedom Front (PFF) holds meetings with the Syrian Interim Government, the National Coalition, the Syrian Negotiation Committee, and the Turkmen Council.

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In implementation of the PFF’s work program and with the aim of communicating and coordinating with all Syrian national opposition forces, a delegation of the PFF met in Istanbul on Sunday November 14, 2020, at the headquarters of the coalition, with Dr. Nasr Al-Hariri, head of the coalition, and with ladies and gentlemen, Ruba Habboush – Abdul Basit Abdul Latif – Nazir Al-Hakim – Abd Majid Barakat – Bashar Hajj Ali.

The PFF’s delegation provided an introduction of its vision and objectives, and the political and field work carried out by the Front, including an overview of the on-going meetings with countries influencing the Syrian dossier.

The PFF also confirmed its adherence to the principles of the revolution that the opposition components have agreed upon in which the PFF is an integral part of the Syrian national opposition. The delegation also gave a brief of PFF activities and its effort to keep civil peace.

The head of the coalition and members showed optimism and were pleased with the establishment of PFF and affirmed their support to its agenda, and looking forward to work together to achieve the objectives of the revolution, for all the Syrian people.

The delegation met on the same day with Mr. Anas Al-Abdeh, head of the Syrian Negotiations Committee, and with ladies and gentlemen, Ruba Habboush – Badr Jamous – Abdul Ilah Al-Fahd – members of the commission. The PFF delegation clarified the objectives, vision and program of the Front’s agenda. Also gave an overview of the political tour that the delegation is undertaking. One of the main objectives of this tour is to urge the international forces to push the political process and accelerate the completion of the political solution based on UN Resolution 2254 and the Geneva Statement, and the importance of dialogue and coordination of efforts with the Syrian opposition forces, in order to achieve a political transition in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions. In their turn, the head and members of the Negotiating Committee affirmed their full support for the front, welcoming its establishment and the importance of its role in the unity and stability of Syria and the promotion of civil peace.They also discussed the latest activities of the High Negotiations Committee and the obstacles to its work and stressed the importance of re-activating the political process and the need to complete the work with all the articles stipulated in UN Resolution 2254. They also stressed the importance of uniting and intensifying efforts to achieve these objectives. And at last they discussed bilateral relations and to continue regular meetings and coordination.

On Friday, November 13, the front’s delegation met with the Syrian Interim Government headed by the President of the Syrian Interim Government, as well as in his capacity as a representative of the Syrian Turkmen Council, Mr. Abdul Rahman Mustafa. The delegation included the Minister of Local Administration and Services, Mr. Saeed Suleiman. PFF delegation presented

a summary of its vision and objectives to the Interim Governments officials and elaborated on the on-going tour to Turkey, and affirmed that PFF is open to all Syrian political democratic opposition parties.

The President of the Syrian Interim Government and the Minister of Local Administration also presented plans aimed at maintaining security and providing services to the citizens under the Syrian Interim Government and the tireless efforts to stop abuses and work to relocate the displaced people to their homes and properties, and the need to coordinate these efforts to achieve maximum benefits.

Peace and Freedom Front,

Istanbul 14/11/2020

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