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PYD Asayish arrests 4 teachers in Amuda City

Yekiti Media

At Saturday, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Asayish arrested 4 teachers in Amuda city, Kurdistan, Syria.

The Yekiti Media correspondent in the city said that the teachers are: Abd al-Salam Hasso, Radwan Hasso, Bankin Hasso, and Talib Asaad, pointing out that the teachers were arrested for giving them special courses for the Regim curricula in the city.

He added: During the campaign, other teachers were arrested, and they were released.

This campaign of arrests against the teachers of the city of Amouda comes days after a similar campaign against 7 teachers in the city of Darbasiyah, on the nineteenth of last January, the next day a protest demonstration by students and teachers took place. Several days after they were forced to pledge not to give courses of Regime curriculum.

The member of the political committee of the Yekiti party, Marwan Idi, said in a statement to our website: Despite previous understandings between the Kurdish National Council and the national unity parties led by the Democratic Union Party and the sponsorship of the Syrian Democratic Forces as a guarantor for the opposite party to the Council regarding the academic year 2021, especially students of the preparatory and secondary diplomas, not banning them til the end of the school year until an approved and officially recognized curriculum is agreed upon.

He added: We were surprised for some time by the arrest of this large number of the best teachers in the city of Darbasiyah, and today three teachers were arrested in Amouda, Mr. Talib Asaad, and each of Radwan, Osama Hasso and Bankin Hasso, which suggests the futility of continuing the negotiations as long as all previous practices of arresting activists and media workers did not stop. The same applies to teachers, kidnapping of minor children, and restrictions on the parties of the Kurdish National Council. It was more appropriate for them at this stage to give the citizens’ livelihood the necessary attention as they face starvation due to the scarcity of flour and bread from the markets, as well as the matter with regard to fuel and the daily necessities of citizens.

He said: We, as a council, strongly condemn such practices, and the American side, which sponsors the negotiations, must instruct to stop them and stop continuing to humiliate our people, and everyone should know that during sixty years the Kurdish people in this part attached to Syria have studied the state’s (Regime) curricula and the language of opposition, and they could not detach us from our nationalism and would not be harmed if we studied it. Now, we live under an administration, albeit de facto, claiming democracy and the brotherhood of peoples until the features of a political solution in Syria become clear and our curricula become recognized by the constitution of the country to which we belong.

In addition, Ibrahim Biro, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Kurdish National Council, said in a post he posted on his Facebook account: I will not name these arrests against the best teachers in Amouda by the (PYD administration), and they are the gentlemen: Talib Asaad, Radwan Hasso, Abdelsalam Hasso and others …

Let us leave the naming of these practices to the American Sponsor, Mr. Mazloum and some of the applauders.

The arrests campaign against Amouda’s teachers sparked anger on social media platforms, and Kamiran Sheikho said: No … To assassinate education and knowledge, no … To intimidate thinkers, creators, teachers and seekers of knowledge, and Kurdish journalist Sirwan Qajo, residing in Washington, was surprised at the arrests campaign, and said: “It is also a farce of history that many Autonomous Administration officials send their children to the regime’s schools and universities

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