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Qamishlo .. The release of the media activist, Fener Mahmoud

Yekiti Media

On Thursday, February 10, 2021, the PYD militants released the media activist Fener Mahmoud in Qamishlo.

Fener Mahmoud was arrested in the Corniche neighborhood by an armed group on January 23, and the PYD Asayish claimed in a statement that it had nothing to do with the arrest of Fener Mahmoud, and two days later, the Democratic Union media announced the arrest of Fener Mahmoud and his transfer to the Investigation and Prosecution Department.

The General Secretariat of the National Council condemned in a statement on January 24 the arrest of Fener Mahmoud, and called on the Syrian Democratic Forces to put an end to the violations and practices.

In a statement on January 23, the General Union of Kurdish Writers and Journalists called for the immediate release of the activist Fener Mahmoud, and social networking sites witnessed a solidarity campaign by activists, intellectuals and politicians with the activist Fener Mahmoud, demanding his immediate release.

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