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The hunger uprising against the PYD administration

On the evening of Monday 17.05 2021, the Democratic Union Party’s administration issued Resolution No. 119 to raise the prices of fuel and gas by more than 300% at a time when the region is suffering from drought, the negative effects of the closure imposed due to the Corona pandemic, the depreciation of the Syrian pound, and rampant corruption in The administration of the Democratic Union Party and the institutions of the Syrian regime government.

With its issuance, the decision met with a great wave of discontent on social media platforms. Miran Maree, an activist from the Alyan region, said, “Resolution 119 is more dangerous than Covid-19. As for the politician Fouad Aliko, who is a member of the Yekiti Party’s political committee, he wrote a short post in which he said: Whoever does not condemn the decision to raise prices from the supporters of PYD should review himself, the extent of his service to his people or to Qandil (Qandil Mountains, where the leaders of the PKK live).

The wave of protests reached the parties participating in the management of the Democratic Union Party, and Saleh Kado, who is the secretary of the Kurdish Left Party, said in an interview with a local radio station: “The Autonomous Administration has opened the gates of hell on itself by issuing this decision.”

The parties participating in the Syrian Democratic Council issued statements condemning the decision and calling for its abolition.
On the next day, protests began sweeping the area under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and started from the town of Girge Legi, where the town’s market witnessed a full strike, and the protests moved to the cities of Qamishlo, Amuda, Hasaka, Kobani and Derik, and witnessed many demonstrations, and the closure of shops, as well as the city of Shaddadi, south of al-Hasakah and several villages and towns affiliated with it, widespread protests, as the main roads were closed, and witnessed the shooting by PYD gunmen on the demonstrators, where 4 citizens were martyred in al-Shaddadi and a fifth in al-Hasakah, and they are:
Ahmed Ali al-Saleh / 14 / years old child… Hasaka – alnashwa-Alsharia
Abdul Qader Al-Asaad – Al-Shadadi / Al-Hariri village
Muhammad Al-Hamoud Al-Anfaliti / Al-Shadadi
Adnan Al-Abdullah / from the village of 47
Daham Al-Ghani / from the village of Abdan – Al-Shadadi
and Saleh Al-Hammadi / from the village of 47.

The Kurdish National Council issued a statement on 18.05.2021 in which it said: The issuance of this decision comes to cover up the rampant corruption in this administration, and to control the fate of the people, and that the policy of indifference to the suffering of our people, and the authoritarianism pursued by the Democratic Union Party no longer works, and the reaction of the street will be strong and its features emerged after the issuance of this decision.
The statement stated: The Kurdish National Council in Syria stands by our people in rejecting and canceling this decision, and warns against the use of violence against peaceful demonstrators by PYD militants. We call on our people to raise their voice loudly to reject this decision by all available peaceful means, and the policy of making accusations arbitrarily and linking these peaceful demonstrations to foreign agendas will not work and it is more useful for them to cancel this unfair decision against citizens.
In the town of Jal Agha, armed men from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known as (Kadro), toured the town’s market and asked the people not to close the shops, and not to obey the Kurdish National Council.

On the third day, with the successive protests and strikes, the PYD administration issued Resolution No. 123 to cancel Resolution 119, with a clause in the resolution allowing the administration to raise prices again.
Citizens demanded that the borders be opened and that they be allowed to immigrate in light of the irresponsible decisions of the PYD administration, with the spread of corruption, nepotism, and the control of PKK cadres on all the region’s resources, ​and their control over administration and security.

The regions of Syrian Kurdistan and northern Syria, which are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, are witnessing many crises, foremost of which are (corruption, nepotism, the domestic gas crisis, fuel, education, bread, ending political life, security interrogations against activists and opponents,) in addition to drought, which killed agricultural season, and the outbreak of the Corona virus.
It should be noted that the oil and gas fields in Rmelan, Shaddadi and Deir ez-Zor are under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and oil and gas are smuggled to areas of the opposition and the Syrian regime.

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