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The Kurdish National Council condemns the arrest of one of its members in Kobani

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Yesterday, the Kurdish National Council in Syria issued a statement regarding the arrest of the Asayis forces affiliated with the Democratic Union Party, the member of the Kurdistan Unity Party, Ismail Mustafa, in the city of Kobani.

The Kurdish National Council condemned in his  the statement arbitrary detention process, and affirmed that these practices only serve the parties hostile to the Kurdish people.

The Kurdish National Council statement demanded that the political parties pressure the Democratic Union Party to stop these practices, the immediate release of the detainee Ismail Mustafa, and the rest of the political detainees, and the closure of the political detention file.

It is noteworthy that Ismail Mustafa is also a member of the Kurdish National Council in the city of Kobani.

It is noteworthy that the Asayis forces arrested Ismail Mustafa on Saturday, December 7, as he was traveling from his village to the city of Kobani.

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