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Statement by the Kurdish National Council in Syria concerning the detention of leaders and activists of the Kurdish Yekitî Party

In the night of May 28 at 10pm the PYD affiliated forces took one more systematically escalating and provocative step, raiding the houses of several leaders and activists of the Kurdish Yekîtî Party in Amudê, whereby they arrested Mr. Anwar Nasso, member of the political committee of Yekîtî party and member of the KNC, Mr. Abdul-ilah Oje, member of the central committee of Yekîtî, Mr. Abdul Mussein Kalaf and Mr. Rudwan Hammo, activists of that party as well. Additionally, the PYD commanded forces attacked the homes of Yekîtî members who were absent at that time. Searching the buildings, they confiscated mobile phones, computers and private documents. These shameful terrorist acts were committed in a horrific way without respect for private living space or its inhabitants. By this, they scared and harmed the present children, women and families.

We, the KNC in Syria, strongly condemn this kind of terrorist activities directed against the activists of our political movements as well as against our Kurdish people. These acts are diametrically opposed to all human values as well as to the human rights declaration and were committed in order to silence and to limit the political movement, likewise, denying the freedom of expression. Stating that the PYD is responsible for whatever happens to the detained activists, we demand the PYD to stop acting this way and to release immediately the recently arrested activists and all other political prisoners they are holding. We assure that such acitivities are not serving in any way the unity of a Kurdish position as demanded by all of our people.
All this reinforces us in our belief in Kurdish rights as well as in the struggle on their behalf in every peaceful way inside and outside Syria. We ask the Kurdistanish and international powers to assume their responsibilities and to protect our people from the onesided policy and dictatorship which the PYD is imposing by armed forces and which does not serve anybody, but the enemies of Kurds.

29 May 2016
General Secretary of Kurdish National Council in Syria

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