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A communique issued by the meeting of Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria Central Committee

15.09. 2020

Yekiti Media

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria held its regular meeting in mid-September and discussed the current political situation and organizational conditions in the party’s organizations.

On the political side:

The party secretary reviewed the current political developments in the region, especially the Kurdish / Kurdish dialogue between the Kurdish National Council and the Kurdish national unity parties under American auspices, as he confirmed that after the implementation of the common political vision, some progress was made regarding the Kurdish reference and defining its tasks, and that it must be From an effective and equal partnership in all administration institutions to create a positive atmosphere, and it is necessary to expedite finding solutions to all controversial issues between the two parties, and to search for a realistic solution to the issue of education in a way that serves the future of our people, and then move to the security and military file took place, despite the presence of some difficulties At certain stages of the dialogue, however, the atmosphere is still moving in a positive direction, with the help of American friends,

And he stressed the importance of the military file and the return of the Peshmerga to their Home.

The Central Committee also expressed its concern about the resurgence of the phenomenon of the kidnapping of minors, the return of demonstrations in support of the PKK, and the raising of its flags and Photos, which constituted great concern and panic among the Kurdish masses about the possibility of a new military invasion of Turkey under this pretext.

Therefore, the Central Committee see that the Kurdish / Kurdish negotiations should lead to a decision that the PKK should respect the privacy of the Kurdish people in Syria and not give Turkey excuses for military intervention, as happened in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain, and the resulting real tragedy in all its meanings, In displacement.

The Central Committee also touched on the issue of the tense relationship, in recent times, between the Kurdish National Council and the National Coalition for the Forces of the Revolution and the Syrian Opposition, due to the decision of the head of the coalition to remove the council’s representative from the negotiating body, in addition to some of his unacceptable statements regarding the Kurdish / Kurdish dialogue, Despite the occurrence of a meeting marked by transparency and frankness, between the Presidency of the Council and the Presidency of the Coalition, the issue has not yet been addressed.

The Central Committee appreciated the efforts of the Council’s Foreign Relations Committee represented in communicating with all parties and states concerned with the Syrian issue to inform them of the risks and complications facing the negotiating body.

The Central Committee also discussed the status of the Committee for Investigating Violations, which the coalition formed at the request of the Kurdish Council, more than six months ago to monitor violations and the return of the displaced to their homes in Afrin, Sri Kanye (Ras al-Ain) and Tal Abyad, as this committee could not return just one person to his home, due to the lack of authority of the coalition over the armed factions in these areas.

The meeting also touched on the peace process in Geneva and expressed his hope that the next stage will witness tangible progress in the work of the Constitutional Committee, and then move to other baskets, with the aim of establishing real peace in Syria based on international resolutions to solve the Syrian crisis, especially Resolution 2254.

The Central Committee discussed the miserable living conditions that Syrians are suffering from due to the exorbitant high prices and the depreciation of the Syrian pound against the dollar in general, and what our people suffer in their regions in particular.

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

Mid-September 2020

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