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A statement by the Kurdish National Council

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The General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council said today that in a new escalation, armed individuals affiliated with the PYD attacked the offices of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syrai and the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Qamishli on April 24, setting them ablaze along with their contents.

The General Secretariat further stated that the militants attempted to burn the office of the Kurdish National Council in the city of Tirbaspiye simultaneously, indicating a premeditated and systematic nature of these intimidating acts aimed at the Kurdish National Council and its affiliated parties.

The statement strongly condemned these disgraceful actions for causing concern, intimidation of people, and targeting the headquarters and offices of the council.

The General Secretariat demaned on social, civil organizations, and parties to condemn these acts, urging international human rights organizations and the international coalition, particularly the United States, to take necessary actions to halt these assaults that exacerbate tension, unrest, and instability.

The Kurdish National Council in Syria
Qamishlo, April 24, 2023



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