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A statement issued by the meeting of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria on Monday, January 30, 2023, met and issued a statement regarding the topics discussed at the meeting, stating:

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria held its first meeting after the end of the work of the ninth conference of the party, which was held on December 23-24, 2022, and positively assessed the public turnout to congratulate our party, by political, cultural and societal actors in all regions, and at the time the Central Committee thanked all those who communicated with us, I stressed the need to work hard to live up to our people’s confidence in the Yekiti Party and its history of struggle.

The organizational aspect took the largest part of the meeting, and the conferees stressed the need to abide by the decisions of the conference and expedite their implementation in order to advance the party at all levels, and a number of decisions were taken in this aspect, including securing the reserves of the political committee, and the decision to hold conferences of party organizations in all regions and members were assigned The Political Committee was supervised by it, and a committee was formed to confirm the amendments approved by the conference in its documents and to prepare electoral instructions for conferences of party organizations.

The Central Committee stopped at the recent political developments and expressed its concern about the negative repercussions of the Ukrainian war on the political process in Syria, the regime’s intransigence in obstructing the political solution, and the deterioration of the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar. The international community is putting pressure on the regime to comply with international resolutions and put an end to the suffering of the Syrians and calls for normalization, rapprochement, and unilateral solutions with the regime are useless, and there is no alternative to implementing international resolutions to solve the Syrian crisis.

The meeting discussed the conditions of our people in each of Afrin, Serê kaniyê, and Girê Spî, which are under the control of the factions affiliated with the Coalition and Turkey, and they condemned all the violations that are taking place there and stressed the need to work with all concerned parties to put an end to these violations and to provide the necessary facilities for the return of the displaced to their homes.

As for the Kurdish areas under the control of the SDF, the economic conditions of citizens are going from bad to worse, due to the continuation of the policy of starving citizens pursued by the Democratic Union Party by imposing royalties on citizens and increasing the prices of fuel, food and agricultural materials in light of the scarcity of rain, in addition to the continued kidnapping children, compulsory conscription, non-professional education, ideological and not recognized by the international organization (UNESCO), all these conditions push many of them to sell their property and search for smuggling routes to migrate in search of a safe life for themselves and their children.

The meeting also condemned the Democratic Union Party’s continued closure of the (Semalka) crossing in the face of citizens and the Kurdish National Council parties and appealed to the American side to pressure them to open the crossing for everyone, and not to exploit it for political ends.

The meeting stopped at the decision of the Federal Court in Baghdad to prevent the payment of the dues of the Kurdistan Region, and it believed that whenever the various political parties in Iraq agree on an understanding to get Iraq out of its crisis, get rid of corruption and implement the constitution, the so-called Federal Court will take retaliatory measures against the Kurdish people in service of anti-Kurdish agendas and a future Iraq, noting that this court has not issued any decision regarding many of the crucial issues that concern the Iraqi people.

In the face of these dangerous circumstances that target the achievements of the Kurdish people, the differences between the Kurdish parties must be overcome, especially between the Democratic Party and the Union, the two ruling parties. In Sulaimaniyah, it saw that there is no alternative to unity, in light of these dangers surrounding the achievements of the people in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The meeting also condemned the practices of the Iranian regime against the Kurdish people and the Iranian people who rose up for their rights and freedoms.

Qamishlo 30/1/2023
The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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