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A statement issued by the meeting of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria held its regular meeting in early March, and discussed a number of political and organizational issues.

In the organizational field:

– After listening to the reports of the party organizations, inside and outside the country, the Central Committee evaluated the party’s work among the masses, and many ideas and mechanisms were proposed to develop mass work, and strengthen the relationship with all segments of Kurdish society by standing by them and defending their interests, and in this field The Central Committee commended the efforts of the comrades in all the organizations in recent months and the number of political seminars and quality workshops they held, which were the subject of appreciation and satisfaction among the masses. The Central Committee stressed the need to pay attention to the younger generation and their issues and the importance of providing the party with young energies.
In the political field:

– The Central Committee focused on the suffering that the Syrian people are going through in all parts of Syria as we approach the eleventh anniversary of the peaceful Syrian revolution, as Syria has become an arena for settling international and regional scores at the expense of the Syrian people with all its components, and the regime bears responsibility for what the country has reached, and the conferees evaluated Positively, the statement issued by the meeting of several countries, headed by America in Washington, on the third of this March, in the presence of the international envoy, Geir O. Pedersen, and the serious expressions contained in the statement to solve the Syrian crisis and end the suffering of the Syrians in accordance with international resolutions, especially Resolution 2254. Their dissatisfaction with the meetings of the Constitutional Committee, and the Syrian parties will not be able to agree on a consensual constitution in this way, and the United Nations must help the Syrians by providing constitutional articles that guarantee the rights of all Syrians; And setting a period of time within which the Syrian parties are obligated to complete the desired draft constitution. Moving on to the remaining items of Resolution 2254.
The meeting positively evaluated the efforts aimed at evaluating the work of the Syrian opposition through conferences and workshops, and listening to all opinions aimed at correcting mistakes and developing the opposition’s work to serve the Syrians.

– The meeting depended on the coalition’s attempt to conduct a comprehensive review of its internal system and political positions by formulating a clear and transparent political vision, and welcomed this step, and the participants stressed the need to include the agreement under which the council joined the coalition in the political document and to abide by it.

-The conferees paused at length on the Ukrainian crisis and the repercussions of the Russian invasion of a sovereign state and the attempt to occupy it by force; If you do not submit to its terms. Unfortunately, the logic of force still prevails in international relations, and the meeting noted that the first loser in this crisis is the Ukrainian people, who have become a victim of the conflict between Russia and NATO, and that the Ukrainian leadership and the Ukrainian people pay the tax of international promises to them, and the meeting discussed the possible repercussions of the crisis Ukrainian on the conflict in Syria between America and Russia, this requires all parties in Syria to adopt the logic of wisdom and reason and not to inflict more disasters on the Syrians, and to speed up the political solution in accordance with international resolutions.

– The meeting focused on the conditions and suffering of our people in the Kurdish areas under the control of the factions and the interim government affiliated with the coalition (Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî), where violations and malicious arrests, on trumped-up charges, are still continuing in these areas to intimidate citizens and discourage them from returning to their homes. Our comrades are under arbitrary arrest, including Azad Nebo and Sarbest Akash. The Central Committee welcomed the attempt to correct the situation in Afrin, through the formation of joint committees between the coalition and Turkey to hold accountable those who commit these violations (Abu Amsha as a model-example) in these areas.

The conferees focused on the difficult living conditions of our people in the Kurdish areas under the control of the SDF, due to the insane rise in prices, the scarcity of electricity, gas, fuel and bread, the spread of murder and kidnapping gangs, and The unlawful imposition of royalties on traders, industrialists and farmers, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, unjustly, this is in addition to the taxes imposed on them by the administration’s finances, and the tightening of the security grip on citizens to intimidate them, all of these situations portend a dark future, and push the rest of our people to emigrate, thus emptying the region of its original inhabitants.

After the events of al-Hasakah prison, in which thousands of ISIS members and their lords were being held, and which killed many of our sons’ victims and martyrs, at a time when the SDF leadership had to deal with transparency, clarify the Truth of what happened, and hold accountable everyone who caused this, the security grip increased in the area; And the media platforms were affected, some of them were banned from working and their offices were closed, and media workers were attacked and many of them were arbitrarily arrested, with the aim of stifling mouths. The PKK-affiliated Ciwanên Şoreşger organization continued to kidnap minors, and the security situation worsened. Under these circumstances, the PYD Autonomous Administration stated that it was making preparations for holding elections in its areas of control, contrary to what had been agreed upon in the negotiations between the Council and PYNK, and thus they announce The Kurdish negotiations failed on their side.

And fleeing forward to distract the masses to cover up their administrative and political failure that brought and brings woes to our people.

The attendees affirmed that the policy of starving and intimidating our people will not work, and that the dire economic and security situation portends mass uprisings in all areas of control (the regime, the factions and the SDF), and that we will certainly be on the side of the Syrians, as we were in the Syrian revolution, and we are continuing to defend the interests of Our people and their legitimate national rights in the future Syria.

– At the conclusion of the meeting, the conferees saluted the Syrian and Kurdish women on the occasion of International Women’s Day, and commended the importance of the role of women in the future and development of our people.

Early March 2022

The Central Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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