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A Statement On The Attack On Mahmoud Amo by Armed Groups In Ras Al-Ain


The Yekiti Kurdistani Party-Syria condemns the beating and humiliation of former political committee member Mahmud Amo by the pro-Turkish armed factions in Ras al-Ain In Kurdistan Syria.

The media office of the Yekiti Party issued a statement indicating the displacement of 200,000 people from the fighting zone due to the Turkish war. And the party confirmed that most of the displaced people are homeless.

The Yekiti party also stressed that former political committee member Mahmoud Amo was severely beaten because of his attempt to prevent the armed men from looting a shop in Ras Al-Ain city. This is part of the harassments and arrests of Kurds during their return to their homes after the authorities in Ras Al-Ain made a decision to allow civilians to return to their homes after the end of military operations.

The Yekiti statement addressed the struggle history of former political committee member Mahmoud Amo and the harassment of the Syrian regime to him and his arrest in 1992 and 2004.

The statement called Turkey’s partners in the firing line, Russia and America, to get the armed men out of the city and hand over the administration to its native people to ensure sufficient security and safe return of all civilians to their cities and villages.

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