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Appeal from the father of the abducted minor “Rawan Aliko”

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“Imran Aliko”, the father of the kidnapped minor, “Rawan Aliko”, posted an appeal via his Facebook account to all international, local and humanitarian organizations, political and independent figures, demanding the return of his daughter.

Aliko said: Today 15 days have passed since Rawan Aliko was absent, and until now we do not know her location, and no one admits to having kidnapped her for 15 days, and our hearts do not put out the fire for a single moment.

He added: Most will not feel our suffering except for those who have tasted the same calamity and lived the same long, endless nights of exhausting hours.

I do not blame your captors, Rawan, because they do not have innocent children like you and do not have the feeling of a father and mother’s tenderness, otherwise they would have brought you back to my arms from the first day.

He continued: I send my call from here to my wounded town, Darbasiyah, to all international, local and humanitarian organizations, political and independent figures to everyone who has a human sense, because my case is not a political issue, but the case of the abduction of a young girl from her classmates, her childhood and at the age of 16 years.

He pointed out that today “there is no single door left for the Autonomous Administration institutions to retrieve my daughter, but it seems that Rojava is not ruled by anyone, but is administered by a divine authority, which is God because everyone sends me to the top and the decision from above, and we do not know anything about who is on top but God, they told us that we have to beg him to return our child … ”

Aliko called on the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, to intervene to end his suffering, pointing out that “Mazloum” was the one who signed in Geneva in 2019 the Protocol to Prevent the Recruitment of Underage Girls, pointing to a tweet in which he said that from now all those who recruit and kidnap children betray our cause, they will be held accountable and prosecuted

In his appeal, Aliko referred to those involved in the kidnapping of his daughter, namely Sahar al-Husseini and Comrade Bruin (a member of the YPG Intelligence Agency).

He said: Tell me if you are applying all the laws in northern Syria to the fullest and not the only law that gives me hope.

He concluded his appeal by saying: I am only asking for my natural right that God has granted me. She is my daughter. You understand what the meaning of my daughter is. …

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