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Because of them distributing “Kurdistan flags”,PYD continued campaign detention of political activists

Yekiti Media

PYD militants arrested activist “Nezir Barakat” charges of distributing the Kurdish flags during the late artist’s ‘Bavy Salah’ funeral.

According to Yekiti Media source, local Committeeman of Kurdistan Democratic Party PDK-S ‘Nezir Barakat’ were arrested by PYD militants, in Tuesday 14/7/2016 yesterday.

Arrest “Nazir Barakat” came after three days of arrest for “Serbest Khalil” a member of the PDK-S by PYD militants on charges of distribution of the Kurdish flag, too.

In the same context, PDK-S in a media statement demanded the immediate release of “Serbest Khalil” and “Nezir Barakat” and all their detained members in Afrin, blaming PYD responsible for the safety of their members.

It is noteworthy that: the “Nezir Brarkat” from “Kukan Tehtany” village in Maabatli district and “Serbest Khalil” is from “Naza-Ojaghy ” village, which follow Sheran district in countryside of Afrin city.

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