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Tens of martyrs and wounded in a large terrorist bombing shake Qamishlo city

Yekiti Media – Qamishlo 27/7/2016

A powerful explosion rocked the city this morning Qamishlo 27/07/2016 the dozens of martyrs’ lives and wounded was victims of this bombing and large material damage in Properties and buildings, round the scene of the explosion.

Yeketi Media correspondent in the city reported that: the suicide bomber was driving a custom sheep truck; blew himself up near a center, where several institutions,which follow self-Administration declared by PYD exist, in the west quarter of the city and near the Qasimlo mosque.

Leaving more than twenty martyrs and a hundred injured as a elementary result , as well as to demolish the center and three other large buildings and damaged neighboring houses and shops.

Our correspondent also said that there are still some bodies under the rubble of buildings that fell, indicating that two of them still a live trapped under the building rubble, which corresponds to the target center.

In the same context, the medical staff described in all the hospitals where the injured Qamishlo exists that most of them are good cases, only some of the cases that has confirmed them surgeries as stable as well.

Daash terrorist organization has adopted in his official website, this terrorist explosion.

It is noteworthy that: The bombing in Qamishlo city was the deadliest since the start of the Syrian revolution.

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