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The group of Kurdistan’s Friends in the European Parliament is issuing a statement supporting Kurdistan province

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The group of Kurdistan’s Friends in the European Parliament that consists of 33 members issued a statement to support Kurdistan province on Friday , 13.10.2017.
The statement said that they are looking in a worry to the Iraqi army and the popular forces mobilizing near Kirkuk.
European parliamentarians praised the position of Kurdistan calling for dialogue and holding talks, demanding the authorities of Baghdad to meet this invitation and not to reject the dialogue.
In another part of the statement, the group stated that the constitutional provisions for the normalization of conditions in Kirkuk have not been implemented yet, while they should have been implemented before the end of 2007.
He went on to say: “Here we remind everyone that the Iraqi army collapsed in front of the ISIS organization in the summer of 2014 , whereas Peshmarga Forces kept those areas safe and not controlled by ISIS terrorists.”
Thirty-three parliamentarians in the European Union supported the referendum on the independence of the Kurdistan , calling the European Union not only to emphasize the sovereignty of the territorial integrity of Iraq, but must also respect the demands of the Kurds.
It is worthy to be mentioned that the group of Kurdistan’s Friends in the European Parliament formed in 2014, consisting of 33 parliamentarians from 20 countries in the European Union.

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