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Kurdish National Council commemorates the 40th anniversary of Malla Mustafa Barzani’s death

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The Kurdish national council in Syria commemorated March 1st, 2019 the 40th anniversary of Kurdish leader Malla Mustafa Barzani’s death.

The ceremony was held at the invitation of the local councils of Derik, Amuda, Hasaka, Qamishlo and kobani respectively.

While the local councils in Tirbespi, Chil Agha and Girke Lege organized the event in the village of Hillaq.

During the event, political speeches, national songs and poetry were presented, and also Kurdish flags and pictures of Barzani were raised.

PYD security forces arrest two artists

The security forces (Asayish) of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on Friday arrested two local artists in the village of Hillaq while they were moving audio equipment and sound system to the place of Malla Mustafa Barzan’s anniversary celebration.

Behzad Broji and Dilo bave Dler’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Both artists are from the town of Girke Lege and are members of Zewa folklore band.

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