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Natural-Gas crisis back to the forefront in Qamishlo city

 Yekiti Media – Qamishlo

A hundreds of Qamishlo City citizens waited for hours on Sunday in queues in front of gas cylinders distribution centers, which are manage by Democratic Union Party (PYD), after interruption period and a crisis for the city over the last month.

According to one of the citizens who said to Yekiti Media that: ” we have waited very long to get gas cylinders at sale and distribution points, which belong to PYD bodies, and the citizen added: the gas cylinders’ distribution rans, where each person may purchase tow cylinders at the most, and a 2100 Syrian pound. per cylinder.

Noteworthy that: the gasoline is produced from natural-gas facilities in Swidieh area, which took over management by PYD from Syrian regime’s authorities in the spring in 2013.

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