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The Third anniversary of Amude massacre commemoration

Yekiti Media – Amude

At invitation of Amude local office of Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS), hundreds of Amude citizens gathered on Monday afternoon 27-06-2016 in downtown to commemorate the third anniversary of Amude massacre, which committed by people’s protection Units (YPG) which, belong to Democratic Union Party (PYD). The city’s inhabitants accompanied by Kurdish National Council leaders headed towards in a big demonstration in Sharmula cemetery carrying the martyrs’ pictures and bunches of flowers.

In the cemetery Mr. Issa Mohammed Salim ( local office member of Kurdish National Council) made a speech, which confirmed that: YPG committed a massacre against unarmed demonstrators using bullets and presented the massacre details over tow days and what witnessed of the arrests, raids and burning offices, also Mr.Mohammed Salim called for in his speech Kurdistanish forces and human rights organizations to from an inquiry commission to determine the massacre investigation and bring the perpetrators to a fair court. Mehmod Khillo (who is Nadir’s martyr father) addressed Martyrs’ families word, which in his turn stressed that what PYD militants did against unarmed demonstrators which rise to a deliberately killing act, and it is a massacre in the fullest sense, also Mr.Khillo called for formation of a legal committee to investigate the incident in order to bring the criminals to fair courts, in his speech. At the same time, after the ceremonies end, PYD security arrested Abdulkareem Abu Luqman politic bureau member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Syria (PDK-S) .It should be said that: units of YPG attacked a peaceful demonstration were demanding the release of political detainees in the PYD prisons in 27-06-2013, and its result was a fall of six martyrs.


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