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A panel entitled “Towards reinforce a culture of dialogue and acceptance of others” at Dirk city

Yekiti Media – Dirk

A panel discussion entitled “Towards reinforce a culture of dialogue and acceptance of others” held on

at the local office of the Kurdish National Council (KNC, ENKS) in Dirk on Monday at an invitation of the office according to Yekiti Media reporter in the city, in presence of a political partisan and independent, and religious figures from all segments of Dirk; and the panel is a continuation of a project ” coexisted cultures Forum,” which extends for six months with the support of DAD Organization for Human Rights.

The panel began at 6 pm on Monday with a minute of silence in memory of the martyrs, then Mr. Walid Farman welcomed participants.

The participants at the seminar expressed their opinion by a civilized way about culture of the dialogue and acceptance of others, make recommendations and proposals to consolidate these ideas in society.

Mr. Hussam Alqas expressed satisfaction of such seminars and meetings, in his statement to our correspondent, stressing that such meetings reinforce the idea of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and acceptance of others.

Mr. Alqas thanked through Yekiti Media the local office of Kurdish National Council in Dirk on these important steps, which reinforces the bonds of tolerance and coexistence with minorities in the region.

Miss “Rahiema Ramadan” Said our correspondent that: They continue the project until reaching the desired goal in consolidating peaceful coexistence in Dirk.

And she added, ” We in the Council will work hard to achieve the project objectives and create a suitable ground for dialogue and acceptance of others, particularly at this sensitive stage.

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