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Party Yekiti Kurdistan – Syria, has visited Party Serbesti Kurdistan PSK

Yekiti Media

Today 8/8/2022. The delegation from Party Yekiti Kurdistan – Syria. by Mr. Ibrahim Bero, former president of it (ENKS), and member of the dialogue committee of the Syrian opposition in Geneva and in Riyadh. With Mr.

Nawaf Rashid..member of the political committee and Mr. Ismail Rashid member of the political committee and media center of the party. The reception was hosted by Arif Bawecani, the head of (PSK) with Soran Kermashani and Nejad Mariwani, PSK’s Relations Office, and Sarias Ahmadi, employee of the Relations Office.

The two sides discussed the current situation in Western and Eastern Kurdistan, and the internationalization of the Kurdish issue was emphasized through the diplomatic efforts. Finally, the two sides insisted on developing relations between them and more meetings to serve the cause of our Kurdish people.

Media center for Party Serbesti Kurdistan PSK. 8/8/2022

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