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PUK elects Lahur Sheikh Jangi, Bafel Talabani as its co-leaders

The Leadership Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in a meeting on Tuesday approved the 77 article of the internal control system and elected both Lahur Sheikh Jangi and Bafel Talabani as the party’s co-leaders.

Both Sheikh Jangi and Talabni stressed that they will move forward by President Mam Jalal’s approach and strive to restore the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to its former place.

Lahur Sheikh Jangi said that “we are continuing with the approach of President Mam Jalal,” stressing that “the Patriotic Union has gone through many difficulties and the task of the co-leaders will be reconciliation between the Patriotic Union and the masses.”

For his part, Bafel Talabani stressed to move forward in serving the people of Kurdistan, saying: “We will restore the Patriotic Union as it was in the era of President Mam Jalal.”

“We will be trusted by all members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,” Talabani said.


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