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PYD militants raided the home of leader in PDKS Mohammed Saeed Alwady

Yekiti Media

Over ten of PYD gunmen stormed the member of the Central Committee of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDP-S) Mohammed Saeed Alwady home yesterday afternoon, Sunday 12-06-2016. The leader of (KDP-S) published on his Facebook account that: ” four cars of PYD militants raided my house, and more than 14 gunmen have searched the house, which triggered a state of fear and terror among my family members; I was not there during the raid, but gunmen claimed that: i am wanted to them”. Alwady condemned this act saying: these acts serve enemies of Kurdish people only, and he appealed to international organizations and powers of benevolent to press on PYD to stop the barbaric acts against Kurdish people. It is worthy to tell that PYD armed groups raided houses of four leaders of Yekiti Party in Amouda and arbitrarily arrested leaders who still under forced detention.

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