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(PYD) gunmen release the Central committee member of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria Farhan Maree and the author Dilgesh Maree

Yekiti Media

Democratic Union Party (PYD) gunmen in Chilaga town released for Farhan Maree member of Central committee of Kurdish Yekiti Party of Syria and the author Dilgesh Maree, after a detention lasted about four hours. According to our correspondent in Chilaga town Farhan Maree and Dilgesh Maree were been released from the PYD gunmen center of Chilaga after they were being arrested from Alaqusi village in Aliyan area for several hours. The leader of Kurdish Yekiti Party of Syria said to our correspondent that: ” our arrest comes against a background of our rejection of PYD self-administration decisions and PYD cantons’ legislations,” also Maree confirmed that: “PYD is trying to seize our property through incitement and creating dissension. It is worth telling that at the end of 2015 self-administration, which declared by PYD has issued a decision provides for seizure of properties, which owned those who have left the territory of Kurdistan of Syria excluded Christian and Arab component.

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