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PYD militants release Abdul Mohsen Khalef

Yekiti Media

PYD gunmen released Abdul Mohsen Khalef (member of Amouda city-Organization of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria), in evening Wednesday, 22/06/2016. Abdul Mohsen informed to Yekiti Media; he released at exactly 11 o’clock in evening, near Qamishlo city from Chirkeene prison by PYD gunmen, without being subject to any trial.

Adding that: he was charged with going out in an unauthorized demonstration, stressing PYD security that Kurdish National Council does not recognize self-administration, which declared by the PYD, and will not submit to any licenses to any authority unrecognized.

It is worth mentioning that Mohsen Khalaf was arrested on 28/05/2016 with a group of Kurdish Yekiti Party comrades, they are:

Anwar Nasso ( Political Committee member of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria)

Abdul Ilah Auje (Central Committee member of Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria)

members in the Party Radwan Hamo and Majdel Haji Qasim (after a raid on his home by PYD gunmen).

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