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PYD militants violate the sanctity of a house in Amouda and arrest their son, after beating him and hit his family.

Yekiti Media – Amouda A large force of gunmen, who belonging to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) raided the young Sheikhmous Hessen home and arrested him after beating him and hitting his family in the early hours of the morning ( 02:00 PM ) on Wednesday 10/08/2016. One of the neighbors of the family who their house was raided explained to Yekiti Media that: The PYD gunmen raided the family home located in the next of Ammar Bin Yasser School with great force without consideration the sanctity of the home and arrested their son Sheikhmous after they beat him severely and added: they searched the home of Sheikhmous totally and took him while he was asleep and beat him by butts of their guns without having to observe the cries and wails of his mother and sisters, adding that: The gunmen beat Sheikhmous’s mother and his uncle, and he assured to our Website: The quarter was surrounded completely by large numbers of militant and a force of the Asayish in order to prevent recurrence of the last night’s incident when the same force arrested Sheikhmous but his family, and the people of the neighborhood could free him from their grip. It is worth mentioning that the power supply cut off from Amouda city completely during a raid by on the home of the young Sheikhmous by militant.



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