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PYD’s gunmen kidnap Kurdish language teacher “Amin Omar”

Yekiti Media

Gunmen of PYD kidnapped the Kurdish young man Amin Omar, “Kurdish language teacher” in Derik city.

Relatives of Amin Omer told Yekiti Media that: PYD gunmen kidnapped him at 10 pm on Thursday while he was returning from his shift at Derik Hospital and they took him to an unknown destination.
Amin is a Kurdish language teacher and works at the national hospital in Derik in the pharmacy department.

Hussein Omar, brother of Amin, a member of the Kurdish Yekiti party, was kidnapped on 9-2-2017 and released on 20-3-2017.

It is noteworthy that: PYD’s militants have kidnapped dozens of members and cadres of Kurdish National Council’s parties since 03-03-2017.

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