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The final communique of the work of the ninth conference of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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The Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria held its ninth conference over two consecutive days , December 23-24/ 2022/ in the Immortal Barzani Hall in Qamishlo , with the participation of four platforms in (Kurdistan – Europe – Turkey – Afrin) via the Internet , in which representatives of the party organizations participated at home and abroad.
The conference started its work under the following slogans :

Towards a federal Syria whose constitution recognizes the national rights of the Kurdish people.
All efforts to establish a culture of coexistence.

Work for the freedom of women to take their rightful place in the party and society.
All efforts to strengthen the role of youth in the party.

After standing a minute of silence for the souls of the Kurdish martyrs and the martyrs of freedom in Syrian revolution, and the immortal spirit of Barzani with the tune of the Kurdish national anthem (Ay Raqib) .
A committee was elected to manage the conference and the work schedule proposed by the Preparatory Committee was approved.

The party secretary delivered a brief guiding speech, in which he thanked the comrades for their efforts in the past stage, and urged the conferees to discuss all the items on the agenda in a high spirit of comradeship, to make the conference a success.

At the beginning, the congratulatory message for the convening of the conference, which was sent by the brothers in the political office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party was read. Then the comrades proceeded to read the documents presented to the conference by the Central Committee (the political and organizational report – the political program – the rules of procedure) in addition to the report of the advisory body by their representatives at the conference. All documents were discussed and enriched with the notes of the conferees. These discussions resulted in a number of political decisions and positions that serve the party and the just cause of our people .⁹

– The conference was named (The Clinging to the Ground Conference).
The conference stressed that it is not possible to separate the suffering of our Kurdish people in their regions from the overall Syrian situation, because the repercussions of the crisis affected everyone and the suffering is common in many stations (repression and intimidation, migration, poverty, demographic change) and that the regime bears responsibility for the continued suffering of the Syrians, from By rejecting the political solution and refusing to comply with international resolutions on resolving the Syrian crisis, and obstructing the work of the Constitutional Committee, the conferees held the international community responsible for removing the Syrian file from their priorities, especially after the Ukrainian war, and contenting themselves with the humanitarian aspect only, and the conference adjured to the international community that the Syrian people can no longer bear This tragedy, and that calls for normalization and rapprochement with the regime are useless, and the path of a political solution must be activated, in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy related to resolving the Syrian crisis, especially Resolution 2254.

The conference focused on the deterioration of the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the dollar and its reflection on the living conditions of all Syrians, which led to an insane rise in prices, and the regime’s inability to secure basic necessities of fuel and supplies in the areas under its control, which prompted citizens to stage massive demonstrations in many areas. Regions, and in this regard, the conference saluted the uprising of the people of Sweida.

As for the areas outside the control of the regime, the de facto authorities, with all their titles, were unable to provide a successful economic and administrative experience to be emulated, despite their exemption from the Cesar sanctions imposed by America on the regime, and they were preoccupied with looting and plundering citizens and imposing royalties on them.

The conference appealed to the United Nations to provide direct assistance to citizens through their organizations operating in Syria, and not through the regime and the de facto authorities.

In the field of working with the national opposition, the conference emphasized the importance of developing our party’s bilateral relations with all Syrian national parties that demand an end to tyranny, believe in democracy, and recognize that Syria is a multinational and multicultural country, and its constitution guarantees the national rights of all components of Syria. In this regard, the conference stressed the importance of activating the role of the Kurdish National Council in the Coalition and developing its performance in the work, as well as the importance of strengthening the role of the Council within the framework of the Syrian Negotiation Commission as a main component that expresses the demands and rights of the Kurdish people.

– The conference focused on the conditions of our people in each of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, which are under the control of the factions affiliated with the Coalition and Turkey, as it condemned all the violations that took place and are still happening against our people there.

And all forms and attempts of demographic change in our regions and throughout the Syrian geography. He called on the Coalition and Turkey to work to stop them, remove these factions from all cities and towns, hand over the administration of the region to its original inhabitants, and return the displaced to their homes safely, as an interim solution, until a political solution to the Syrian crisis is found in accordance with international resolutions that guarantees the exit of all foreign armies and militias from Syria.

-In the Kurdish areas under the control of the Democratic Union Party and its militants, the conference condemned all the intimidating violations that it has carried out and is still carrying out, including targeting media professionals and burning the centers of media channels licensed by their administration. Continuing compulsory military service, kidnapping minors, and imposing royalties on citizens, the increase in the prices of fuel, food supplies, and agricultural requirements, and the closure of private institutes and schools that teach state curricula.

which prompted many citizens to sell their property and search for smuggling methods to migrate in search of a safe life for themselves and their children, which saddens the soul that many of them lose their lives in the seas and on the international borders.

The conference focused on the threats to the Kurdish regions along the border strip being invaded by Turkey due to the presence of PKK cadres in Syrian Kurdistan, which constitutes constant panic and fear among our people and a state of instability in our regions. The conferees called on the PKK cadres to withdraw and hand over the administration of these areas to the Kurds. Syrians to cut off any new Turkish invasion, which causes more destruction and displacement of our people, and the conference affirmed that the best solution for the both sides of the conflict is to sit at the dialogue table and activate the agreement signed between them in 2013 instead of transferring the conflict to Iraq and Syria, which causes more tragedies for the Kurdish people and more complications. the Kurdish issue and the relations between its countries.

The conference affirmed that the unity of the Kurdish position and class is necessary to protect our people, and that the Kurdish National Council is an alliance framework that has won international recognition. We consider it a strategic choice for us and there is a need to preserve and develop it to serve the Kurdish cause.
The conference stressed the need to maintain good relations with the Kurdish parties, and develop them to better levels, and the need to respect the privacy of each part and not to interfere in its affairs, and support the experience of Iraqi Kurdistan.

The conference commemorated the uprising of the Iranian peoples, whose first spark erupted from Iranian Kurdistan, following the killing of (Gina Amini) by the regime’s security services. And called the international community to support the uprising of the Iranian peoples and put an end to the Iranian regime and its interference in the affairs of regional countries and its threat to global stability.

The conference focused on the comprehensive organizational report presented by the Central Committee. It dealt with the positives of the previous stage and diagnosed the weaknesses that accompanied the party’s previous march. A number of plans, programs and proposals were formulated to advance it and develop its performance.
It was decided to strengthen the role of women in the party by finding appropriate mechanisms to stimulate the role of women in the party, and four women were elected within the leadership of the party. Paying attention to the younger generation and activating their role in the party.

The conference discussed the need to pay attention to the party cadres’ courses and to prepare the party cadres, and the need to prepare the alternative leadership cadres.

A number of decisions were taken that serve the party and the future of our people.
At the end of the conference, engineer Suleiman Osso was elected as the party’s secretary and engineer Abd al-ilah Awji as deputy secretary, and 17 members of the party’s political committee were elected, and the conference completed its work successfully.

Qamishlo December 28, 2022
The Political Committee of the Kurdistan Yekiti Party – Syria

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