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Tree cutting crimes continue in Afrin

Yekiti Media
At Saturday 07.01.2023, armed men from the Turkish-backed factions cut down 87 olive trees belonging to the residents of the Afrin region of Syrian Kurdistan.
According to a local source told for our website, gunmen from the Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction cut down 15 trees for a resident of the village of Qibarih in the center of the city, adding: A second group of the faction also cut down 60 trees for a resident of the village of Kafr Ziti in the center of Afrin.
The source indicated that a group of pro-Turkish civilian police cut down 12 trees for a resident of the village of Teranda in the city center.
The source stated that the Turkish-backed opposition groups are cutting down trees within the city of Afrin and its environs, and then exporting them to the local and neighboring markets or selling them as firewood.
The city of Afrin and its environs have been under the control of the Turkish-backed opposition factions since March 2018, amid the continuation of crimes and intimidation.

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