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Students Sitting in front of the Educational Department in Qamishlo


Dozen of the third secondary class students with their parents sat in front of the educational department in Qamishlo city  On Tuesday and Wednesday 24-25/5/2016 protesting and condemning the  Hasaka Educational Directorate decision of changing the place of exams from Qamishlo to Hasaka city, and asking for deleting this decision, taking in mind the bad security and economic situations.

Yekiti Media reported the speech of some students in the sit in  “ How a city like Hasaka could contain all the third secondary class students who are more than 10000 in the province,  how  transportation could transport all the students from the far villages, towns and cities to their examination centers in Hasaka city, and how could the students’ parents stand the cost which is about 3000 SP each student for each day, in addition to difficulty of the passing roadblocks because of checking.”.



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